Jane Nuttall

Jane was born in Haslingden on 21 October 1821, the eighth of ten children of Andrew and Mary Nuttall. The family were probably living in Deardengate at the time. She was baptised on the 16th of December at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in King Street. This building, where John Wesley himself once preached, opened in 1796 and closed in 1857 when the new one opened on Manchester Road. It was eventually demolished in 1979. Methodism first came to the area in the 1750s and in about 1781 a Methodist Society was started, meeting in Daniel Gregory's house in Flaxmoss.

Of Jane's childhood, we know nothing, except that it was probably brief. From her early teens she would have been expected to contribute to the family's income. At the age of 19 she is still at home and, like the rest of the family, working as a woollen weaver. The family were living at Dean's Grave (shown on some maps as Dean's Grove) on Helmshore Road.

Census: 7 June 1841

Address Name of
each person
Age last birthday Profession or occupation Where born
Deans Grave Andrew Nuttall55 woollen weaverLancashire
Mary 55---Lancashire
Mary 35---Lancashire
Ralph 25woollen weaverLancashire
Jackson 20woollen weaverLancashire
Jane 15woollen weaverLancashire
Thomas 15woollen weaverLancashire
Levi 15woollen weaverLancashire
Bellay Haworth 14cotton ---Lancashire

In 1843, at the age of 22, Jane married John Hindle, a clogger (maker of clogs). Both of them give their residence at time of marriage as Grane, but after their marriage they moved to Baxenden, where their first son, John, was born four months later.

Marriage: 18 November 1843

Marriage solemnized at the Parochial Chapel in the Chapelry of Haslingden in the County of Lancaster
When married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or profession Residence at the time of marriage Father's name and surname Rank or profession of father
18 November 1843 John Hindle of full age bachelor clogger Grane John Hindle carter
Jane Nuttall of full age spinster --- Grane Andrew Nuttall weaver
Witnesses: James Wilding, George Howarth

Further children followed: Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary (who died in infancy) and James. At some stage the family moved back to Haslingden, living in Pickering Street until Jane's death in 1854 at the tragically early age of 32.

Census: 30 March 1851

Address Name of
each person
head of
as to
Age last birthday Profession or occupation Where born
Pickering Street, Haslingden John Hindleheadmarried28 cloggerRoundhill, Haslingden
Janewifemarried 29---Haslingden
Johnsonunmarried 7scholarHaslingden
Andrewsonunmarried 4scholarHaslingden
Elizabethdaughterunmarried 2scholarHaslingden
Marydaughterunmarried ------Haslingden