Harriet Chittenden (1790-1865)

Harriet Chittenden was the daughter of William Chittenden and Mary (nee Price). She was baptised at New Romney on 10 August 1790.

She married John Austin, a farmer, on 24 March 1816 at New Romney.

They were obviously keen readers of the Bible: their four children all take their names from the Old Testament book of Genesis.

Census: 7 June 1841
Address Name of
each person
Age last birthday Profession or occupation Where born
Snave John Austin54 farmer of 3 acres[Snave]
Harriet 50---[New Romney]
Adam 24parish clerk[Snave]
Leah 22---[Snave]
Zilpah 20---[Snave]
Abel 17---[Snave]
James 1---[Snave]

James was the illegitimate son of Leah.

Leah married Edward Brooks on 11 July 1846 at Snave.

Adam Austin died of tuberculosis or "pulmonary consumption" on 12 April 1846, aged 29. The Romans probably introduced TB to Britain, and by the mid-17th century it was responsible for one in five deaths in London. It wasn't until the 1940s that an effective antibiotic was found (streptomycin). In the 1950s vaccinations against TB were introduced in Britain.

Census: 30 March 1851
Address Name of
each person
head of
as to
Age last birthday Profession or occupation Where born
Snave John Austinheadmarried64 farmer of 3 acresSnave
Harrietwifemarried 60---Romney
Zelphadaughterunmarried 29at homeSnave
Abelsonunmarried 26at homeSnave
Jamesgrandsonunmarried 11at homeSnave

Edward Brooks was obviously not the father of Leah's son, James. Otherwise he would surely have gone to live with them.

Zilpah Austin died from chronic liver disease on 14 February 1854, aged 32.

John was buried at Snave on 21 October 1852. Harriet was buried at Snave on 18 November 1865.